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Yuri no egao zutto mite itai

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YamaChii shipper
Beah is my name, I have been wasting my life for 14 years not until I got to know the place where I know someone like me belong; NEWS and Hey! Say! JUMP fandom. I've met the man of my daydream in my dream and his name is Chinen Yuri . Sometimes, I ship us but oftentimes, I am shipping him to Yamada Ryosuke, hard. I am a Chankapaana as well, Tegoshi Yuya is my bias but NEWS members are too gorj and I don't know anymore if I'm sticking to one person. By the way I've been drowning deep down the JPOP fandom for almost 3 years now and still counting.
hey! say! jump fangirl, i love jpop, yuri-biased..

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